• What is the difference between organic acids? - Video

    This video from our supplier Perstorp explains what organic acids are and their effects on animal production.

  • Pigger Cream - The easy & hygienic way to feed replacement milk to piglets - Video

    Check out this video about our Pigger Cream sow milk supplement.  It is a long life, high dry matter, nutritionally balanced UHT milk for piglets.  Easy to use, saves times & labour, and produces heavier litters.
  • Mode of Action of Organic Acids - Video

    This video showing how some of our organic acids work to reduce the pathogen load on your animals.  Check it out and get in touch!
  • ProSid MI 700 - Maximum Grain Protection - Video

    Watch how our ProSid MI 700 preserves & maximises grain protection.
  • Prominend Liquid Calf Milk - Video

    See what is taking the Dairy industry by storm.  Prominend can be fed warm/cold, restricted/ad-lib and is producing fantastic looking calves!  Get...