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ProSid 516 - Acidifier for liquid pig feed

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- liquid feed acidifer

- high concentration of acids

- promotes gut health

- helps control molds & yeasts

The liquid feed acidifier

In liquid feeding, it is necessary to check the feed to ensure that everything runs smoothly. The pH of ordinary wet feed with residual amounts in the pipe should be in the range of 4.5 – 5.0.

ProSid™ Liquid Feed (FL 516) is specially formulated for use in liquid feeding systems. An organic acid blend containing formic acid, propionic acid and benzoic acid to help control bacteria, molds and yeasts, as well as provide excellent gut health. Well suited for pigs of all ages.


– Strong action against yeast

– Prevents feed from recontamination

– Preserves full nutritional value of feed and/or by-products

– Prevents loss of dry matter

– Good water solubility

– Good dispersion through liquid feed


minimum 2kg/T depending on feedstuffs in ration