Prominend - Liquid Calf Milk Replacer

Prominend Liquid Calf Milk Replacer

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Calf rearing in modern dairy husbandry is a very important part of the optimization of dairy farmers' business. Here the fundament of the future performance is made. Strong and healthy calves grow to solid and high-yielding dairy cows with high persistency.

The PROMINEND concept is based on an innovative and unique, liquid delivered UHT-milk with a long conservation, made from high-quality dairy ingredients that ensures a perfect taste and digestion. 



In combination with the ad libitum feeding scheme, PROMINEND ensures vital calves with higher growth rates with only very little work to do. Research shows calves with higher pre-weaning growth rates become earlier inseminated heifers and higher-yielding and more sustainable cows. This specialized approach of calf rearing results in a better economic performance of the total farm. 

  • Higher growth rates

  • More vital calves

  • Less labour that is more flexible to plan