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ProPhorce Classic NC Drinking Water Acid

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- drinking water acidifer

- high concentration of acids

- promotes gut health

- better digestibility of nutrients

Experience the strong power of ProPhorce™ Classic NC drinking water acid. It is a specially formulated blend of lactic acid, formic acid & propionic acid which reduces the pH of the drinking water, resulting in a number of proven benefits for your pigs


Using ProPhorce™ Classic NC helps animals reduce their stomach pH and inhibit harmful bacteria, especially young animals who are very susceptible to disease and they need all the support to perform at their maximum potential. ProPhorce™ Classic NC affects performance in a number of ways:

- Reduction of bacterial threats

- pH-reduction of drinking water

- Stimulation of endogenous enzymes

- Better digestibility of nutrients


minimum 1kg/1000l of drinking water



Available across Ireland in 200kg drums or 1000kg IBC