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ProPhorce pH101

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Agriculture worldwide is developing at an enormous speed. While many industries suffer from the financial crisis, the production of pork, chicken, beef and fish increases every year. The main drivers of growth are economic growth in upcoming countries and the increase of the global human population.

It is hard to imagine this growth without the use of organic acids. As one of the few basic producers of organic acids in the world, Perstorp has witnessed the booming development of the use of organic acids in animal husbandry over the last decades. Organic acids were first used to preserve feed materials like grain and silage. In the 90’s, organic acids became a standard ingredient of piglet feed as a pH lowering solution with antibacterial effects. In the last couple of years, with the growing pressure on the use of antibiotics, we see more and more organic acids aiding in the replacement of growth promoters. Also feed mills are using organic acids for feed-decontamination as alternatives to formalin based products.

In the late 90’s, we discovered the synergistic effect of organic acids with certain essential oils. Perstorp has put a lot of research in finding the right components to enhance the antibacterial effects of organic acids. The result was the ProPhorce™ PH product line.

The ProPhorce™ PH products are based on organic acids and specifically selected essential oil compounds. The double power of ProPhorce™ PH gives the best result in bacterial elimination in feed. 

Do you want the best feed quality and the best performance of your animals?

ProPhorce™ PH helps you reach your goals in a sustainable and cost effective way by:

  • reducing bacterial threats
  • reducing pH
  • improving the digestibility of nutrients