About Trinity Nutrition

At Trinity Nutrition we develop distribute innovative solutions for sustainable & profitable animal production across the island of Ireland. Our understanding of each sector's unique needs enables us to provide solutions that are specifically & scientifically tailored to a variety of species. Our passion is to work closely with our customers; to understand their needs in order to ensure their success.


We specialise in the use of organic acids, yeasts and natural binders to improve the health and performance of herds; from drinking water acids for piglets to acidified liquid calf milk, our products are innovative and designed to unlock your herd's potential.


Our sales team have over 90 years experience of practical animal production backed up by our team of Irish and European nutritionists and network of technical experts in milling, calf rearing, organic acids, mycotoxins and grain preservation.


Get in touch today and find out how Trinity Nutrition can benefit your farm business.


Trinity Nutrition

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